Steve Friedberg: Intelligent Magic

"Intelligent Magic" lives here. From magic "at the table" at the Magic Castle to trade shows, corporate events, weddings and strolling magic, Intelligent Magic entertains, amazes and delights. Steve Friedberg delivers the magical "moments of WOW!"

Who is Steve Friedberg?
Steve Friedberg is an internationally-recognized sleight-of-hand artist who has amazed audiences worldwide, deilvering the magical "moments of WOW!"

Steve is one of a select group of close-up magicians. He's:

  • headlined at Hollywood’s world-famous Magic Castle;
  • performed at the Chicago Magic Lounge, Washington Magic and New York's Monday Night Magic;
  • been a featured performer at Washington Magic;
  • been admitted into membership at London's Magic Circle; and
  • received his Doctor of Magic degree from the Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic convention, an annual, invitation-only gathering of 250 of the world’s finest close-up magicians.

In addition, matching magic with messaging, Steve has performed at trade shows for companies involved in business intelligence, network security, bank insurance and more.

Combining exceptional skill with the ability to communicate with his audience…as well as a sly sense of humor, Steve engages, entertains and amazes his audiences. The result is fun for everyone.

A member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Steve is allergic to the phrase, “take a card, any card.” He prefers working with cards, however, saying they’re easier to carry around in your pocket than a bunny. In addition, he notes, you can't shuffle bunnies.

steve friedberg philadelphia magic
Delivering the "moments of WOW"
Magic that happens right in front of you; no smoke, no mirrors

Close-up magic is the purest form of magic, with a history that stretches back thousands of years. You see (or don't see) the magic happening right before you. Years ago, a noted magician said, "people do not mind being fooled by a gentleman." Steve Friedberg is a gentleman who will delight you with magic that stays in your mind long after the event is over.

Steve at Hollywood's Magic Castle
Steve Friedberg has been featured as a headliner three times at the Magic Castle. It's a venue where the world's best are invited to perform. Take a few minutes and watch Steve deliver the magical "moments of WOW!"

"Unforgettable!" "Amazing!" "Fantastic!"
What some recent clients say about their experience with Steve Friedberg
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Frequently asked questions
What would you like to know?

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  • Is your show kid-friendly?

    Steve's shows are mainly meant for grownups, but if there are kids in the audience, he'll play to them. Steve also "works clean;" you won't have to worry about your audience being offended.

  • How far do you travel?

    Steve is based in the Philadelphia area and has traveled across the country and around the world working with his corporate clients. For other engagements, depending on the nature of the engagement, Steve will travel to New York, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Orlando, or beyond. Ask just may get a "yes."

  • How much space do you need?

    Not much at all. If it's a trade show, Steve regularly works in one small corner of a 10x10 booth. For close-up, Steve can stroll among a crowd or be at a small table, where his audiences come to him.

  • Do you require electricity or audio?

    Nope. Steve comes fully ready to perform. You just sit back and watch your audiences have fun.

  • Do you require deposits?

    Yes, but Steve is also flexible; he realizes that every situation is different. Let's talk.

  • How did you DO that?

    Very well, thanks.

Steve Friedberg Philadelphia Magic

The moments of wonder can be yours...