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Who is Steve Friedberg?

Steve Friedberg transforms ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. An internationally recognized sleight-of-hand artist, Steve doesn’t just perform; he crafts magical moments of “WOW!” that stick with you long after the applause dies down.

Steve’s not only headlined the Magic Castle in Hollywood but has also headlined at the Chicago Magic Lounge, dazzled at Washington Magic and New York’s Monday Night Magic, and performed at the prestigious Magic Circle in London. He’s also a proud holder of a Doctor of Magic degree from Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic convention—a title that’s as fun to say as it is impressive, reserved for 250 of the world’s best close-up magicians.

A staunch opponent of the cliché “take a card, any card,” Steve prefers the sleek simplicity of card magic over the cumbersome logistics of rabbit wrangling. Why? Because, as he’ll tell you with a wink, “you can’t shuffle bunnies.”

Invite Steve Friedberg to your next event, and watch the magic unfold. It’s sophisticated, it’s engaging, and above all, it delivers the magical “moments of WOW!”

Combining exceptional skill with the ability to communicate with his audience…as well as a sly sense of humor, Steve engages, entertains and amazes his audiences. The result is fun for everyone.

Steve is allergic to the phrase, “take a card, any card.” He prefers working with cards, however, saying they’re easier to carry around in your pocket than a bunny. In addition, he notes, you can’t shuffle bunnies.

Watch Steve at the World-Famous
Magic Castle in Hollywood!

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