Corporate Gatherings
into Magical Experiences

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is your show kid-friendly?

Steve’s shows are mainly meant for grownups, but if there are kids in the audience, he’ll play to them. Steve also “works clean;” you won’t have to worry about your audience being offended.

How far do you travel?

Steve is based in the Philadelphia area and has traveled across the country and around the world working with his corporate clients. For other engagements, depending on the nature of the engagement, Steve will travel to New York, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Orlando, or beyond. Ask him…you just may get a “yes.”

How much space do you need?

Not much at all. If it’s a trade show, Steve regularly works in one small corner of a 10×10 booth. For close-up, Steve can stroll among a crowd or be at a small table, where his audiences come to him.

Do you require electricity or audio?

Nope. Steve comes fully ready to perform. You just sit back and watch your audiences have fun.

Do you require deposits?

Yes, but Steve is also flexible; he realizes that every situation is different. Let’s talk.

How did you DO that?

Very well, thanks.